Road Engineering Design

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General Floor Plan

Route parameters

Typical sections: lanes of motor vehicles on the main road, median strip, side dividers, safety strips, mixed and rudimentary lanes, sidewalks

Traffic auxiliary construction parts

Rainwater drainage
Electric lighting system
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Typical Sections

  • Lanes of motor vehicles on the main road
  • Median strip
  • Side dividers
  • Safety strips
  • Mixed and rudimentary lanes
  • Sidewalks
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Rainwater Drainage

  • Rainwater drainage system along both sides of the road and close to the sidewalk
  • Reinforced concrete structure
  • Arrange stations to collect rain water
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  • Planting shade trees
  • Gardener sizing
    Middle separator:
  • Planting ornamental trees and shrubs.
  • Arrange suitable for each type of plant.

Boundary Separator

  • Planting shrubs
  • Combine planting trees, grass and flowers
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Traffic safety signs​

Signs are divided into 5 groups according to regulations:
  • Prohibition sign
  • Danger sign
  • Command signboard
  • Signposts indicating
  • Auxiliary signs
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Electric lighting system

Location of the poles and calculation of the luminous power on the ground.

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Custom sizing of poles and lighting design. Our teams also design the posts in order to better adapt the configuration.