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Intelligent Transport System

What is ITS?

ITS- Intelligent TransportationSystem : is a transportation system that applies and synthesizes advanced scientific and technological,achievements into transportation, especially electronic technology, information, communication, and management science.

The link between 3 factors: people, vehicles and roads forms an intelligent, efficient, safe,accurate and instantaneous transportation system..


Violation Management

Main Application

Checkpoint Camera

Vehicle counting

E-police Camera

Running red-light​
Wrong way​
Cross solid line

Insight & Customer Experience​

Statistical analysis of vehicle type​
Analysis of speed and flow​
Search and analytics of abnormal moving

Traffic Safety Violation Detection And Handling System​


Violation Definition And Data Analysis


Traffic Light Managment

Traffic measurement and simulation module

  •  Based on the image recognition processing platform (Image Processing) and Big Data processing to make decision information
  • Image flow metering technology
  • Vehicle counting by camera
  • Measure the vehicle's road occupancy density

Highway ITS

1.Traffic measurement and classification:
  • Vehicle traffic counting
  • Traffic speed measurement
  • Vehicle license plate recognition
  • Vehicle classification: vehicle type, vehicle color
2.Detectand warn of problems or abnormalities:
  • Car stop or traffic accident
  • Cars run in rows and move slowly
  • Cars going in the opposite direction
  • Vehicles running on the emergency stop lane
  • Walker; Smoke, limited visibility; Falling object

Automatic identification through image processing, sensor or manually through observation or receiving 
information from people, other units

Problem alert via sound, SMS, emailTroubleshooting flow management: dynamically configure the flow, withmechanisms such as approval of incidents, monitoring of troubleshoting progress.


Smart Parking

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Solution Model

Sensor detects Parking without a vehicle
Transfer data to the server
Appson Smart Phone Ask for a parking space and turn your back towards the spaceParking fees are paid through the app
Parking management according to the Parking Lot and Permanent Resident CardVehicle type: taxi, transportLimits of use For some traffic areas such as short-term parking, parking for VIP guests


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App:Android & Ios

Look up the list and status of parking spots in real time.

Detailed information of parking spots: price,address, number of parking spots Directions to the parking spot (map, voice).

Payment for reservation by mobile paymet.

Perform check-in and check-out of the list of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot.

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App:Android & Ios

System management.
User administration.

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Open data&api

Open data about parking.
API for getting parking information.
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Management : Android & IOS

Parking management.​
Look up the list and status of parking spots in real time. Analysis: decision making, statistics, analysis.

Provides information for decision making related to optimal booking policies andparking operations management.

Includes information (graphs, real-time and historical data) about the parking lot: seats vacancy, revenue, parking time, performance...​

Filter data by: time (hour, date, interval),​location.​

Access data 24/7, export reports in many popular formats: PDF, Excel, CSV.

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